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Jade Yoga Harmony Mat – 2021

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat [Reviewed-2020]

As a teenager, I used to leave a handy, sweaty fingerprint in my school work. It wasn’t because I stressed testing, that’s just me – I’m sweating. This is embarrassing.

At the age of 30, my husband named Sweaty Betty (my name is not Betty), and my main concern about not being able to stop sweating was slipping on a yoga mat.

When I started doing yoga several years ago, I had a $5 mat from a local grocery store. Within a few minutes in my first class, I moved from a dog down to a dog lying on my face, which, according to the teacher, is not a yoga posture. She slipped due to the sweaty hands before the separation barely began.

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat Solution:

After my hot yoga mat made me slip, we went to a specific chapter of yoga mat. Saying that I was skeptical of finding a mat is an understatement, but I was ready to try dozens or mats on the studio floor.

Some who haven’t bothered them yet just touch the surface and know that it will end in tragedy while others have managed to use it with the help of a towel. Then I landed on Jade Yoga Harmony mat.

According to the Jade Yoga website, the rug “provides great traction and a pillow while continuing to provide stability to the standing positions.” Traction is definitely what I need, and because you can describe my body with bones, a padded mat is also necessary.

The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat is all you want in a yoga mat – great colors, incredible grip, great comfort and environmentally friendly. Harmony yoga mat provides great traction and a cushion while maintaining stability for standing positions.

  • It is made sustainably from natural rubber extracted from rubber trees, and it is a renewable resource
  • Manufactured in the United States according to all U.S. environmental, labor, and consumer protection laws
  • It comes in a variety of cheerful and soothing colors.

Although Jade mats are 99% latex-free, because they are of rubber trees, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins in the mats, so we recommend people with latex allergy to avoid contacting these mats.

The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat 3/16 “wide by 24″ , it is available in two sizes – 68″ and 74”, and weighs approximately 5 lbs.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat 68-inch Harmony rugs are priced at $ 79.95, and are available in the following color choices: purple, midnight blue, olive green, black, green blue, raspberry, gray, electric blue, kiwi green, red extinguishing engine, two-tone blue (slate through mid Night) or Tibetan pink or orange. *

The Jade Harmony 74-inch mats are priced at $ 84.95, and are available in the following colors: black, midnight blue, olive, and purple.

Pros: Handles sweaty workouts extremely well, highly cushioned to help avoid bruising, still durable after a year of use, comes in a variety of colors.

Cons: $80 and up price tag may be steep for some

  • Please note that the colors on the screen are approximate and do not exactly match the mats.


After a strong year of use, the Harmony Mat of Jade Yoga is still sticky as it was first used.

With the addition of a towel for extreme sweat practices, it is a worthy investment if you are serious about practicing yoga (and not falling into your face).

Although the price of $80 and higher might steer some people away, it’s worth investing in how much traction it keeps, and reduces the amount of bruises on my knees and back, and how durable …

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