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Best Running Books For Beginners [ Buyer’s Guide 2020]

Welcome to “Jogging Buzz“, We have compiled a list of Best Running Books For Beginners. Each of these books provides a unique perspective on running and realizing your potential as a sports player whether you are fond of or a marathon runner.

You’ll find several categories of running books below to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s an inspiring book or a “how-to” book.

Running popularity has increased dramatically in the last few years. Many people are now beginning to show interest in the sport. Also, ambitious runners, inspired by some international legends to run, want to know more about them.

This was encouraging, and many contestants have won gold, silver, bronze and millions of dollars in various competitions. This may be why this field attracts a relatively larger number of aspirants. However, not everyone runs to become athletes all the time. Most of us are running around to keep fit and healthy.

best running books for beginners

First Look:

Top Running Books: 10 Minutes Toughness

Inspirational running books : Born to Run

Motivational Running Books :  Running Like A Girl

Running Injuries Book : Anatomy for Runners

Best Ultra Running Books :  Training Essentials For Ultrarunning

Good Running Books : Run Like a Mother

Best Selling Running Books : Running And Being

Half Marathon Running Guide : Half Marathon Training

Running A 5k Without Training : Run Faster

Best Running Nutrition Books : The Runner’s Diet

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Running Books for Beginners:

Although authors; topics and target audiences are the great things to keep in mind when choosing a running book you should not judge only a book from its cover. This is because the cover may not reflect the entire content of the book. For a large media book, consider the factors listed below.

  • Readability – The book must be readable, which means it must be visually appealing. To make it easier for the reader to follow.
  • Background – As a reader, you must be sure that all information provided to you is honest and reliable. It gives credence to the source of the information written in the book.
  • Illustrations – The book should fully reflect the author’s ideas. To do this, illustrations are effective in expressing text. They are wonderful in explaining things and providing proper guidance for physical exercise.
  • Technicality – Not everyone is an expert in running, so a book that uses a lot of technical terms may confuse a beginner. So if you are a beginner, you should opt for Best Running Books For Beginners

Top 10 Best Running Books for Beginners:

It is very useful to learn from the legends of the current world and understand what they have to say from their experiences. One of the best ways, to teach yourself is to read books either written by these legends or the ones they talk about. You need to understand why most Kenyan athletes are good at long-distance races or why Jamaican and American runners are great when it comes to short races. The list of books shown below provides a deeper understanding not only of advanced runners but also of beginners. This definitely helps to increase your passion and motivation for running.

Best Running Book #1

10 Minutes ToughnessTop Running Books

Best Running Books For Beginners [ Buyer's Guide 2020] 1

One of the biggest elements of jogging is to build a tough psyche. This book deals with the psychology of various endurance sports and is a great resource to help develop a number of techniques that help you pass even the toughest business.

10 Minute Toughness is also easy to read compared to other books focusing on sports psychology. Therefore; for those interested in the mental aspect of running, this book can help you provide you with the tools to get to your early tracks.


Best Running Book #2

Born to Run – Inspirational running books

inspirational running books

This book is often credited as a major contributor to the rising popularity of barefoot, or “minimalist”, running style. In this story, the author, who suffers from multiple running injuries, travels to investigate the Tamuhara tribe operating in Africa.

As well as; revealing the benefits of a barefoot run, the story is unique and exciting, as tribal leaders, former runners and their lifestyle are taught to give a complete picture of how one sport affects many people in these different ways.


Best Running Book #3

Running Like A Girl – Motivational Running Books

motivational running books

For those looking for a true-life story, they are looking at someone else’s journey to jogging for weight loss and improving health. The biography of the book also makes a highly connectable story more readable.

Its unofficial language makes it an easier experience for the beginner reader and can be used for more inspiration if needed.


Best Running Book #4

Anatomy for Runners – Running Injuries Book

running injuries book

While; the books listed above on this list focus more on personal stories, or the psychological readiness of runners, this book looks at the physical preparation needed to improve your performance. Examines the use of training to help increase your stamina and strength to enhance your running time.
This book makes you think … but it does not tell that “You should run barefoot!” Or “You must use shoes!”. It is more about finding imbalances and problem areas in your individual body to make you more effective runner.


Best Running Book #5

Training Essentials For Ultrarunning – best ultra running books

best ultra running books

For more; fitness enthusiasts looking to run, or for beginners looking for a tough challenge, this book offers a good choice. Written by the famous trainer; Jason Cobb, it is full of a comprehensive guide to training techniques and common mistakes to focus on. Hence this one is best ultra running books

While some theoretical parts of the book may make it less convenient for the reader, it is a good advance from the book above or a strong choice for the most enthusiastic beginner.


Best Running Book #6

Run Like a Mother – Good Running Books

good running books

Just like Running Like a Girl, this choice offers a straightforward and accountable runner looking to balance running and everyday life. However; where this book distinguishes itself in its interest to mothers.

Arguably one of the busiest groups of individuals, this book offers a number of tips and procedures that can help balance busy work and home life with an organized operating schedule. This makes the book an essential resource for mothers looking to start running.


Best Running Book #7

Running And Being – Best Selling Running Books

best selling running books

This book offers a light and informal reading, but useful for those who are starting to run.

Dr. George Sheehan; Explains his journey back to fitness, specifically how he made his jogging system and a fun and enjoyable part of his daily routine and how he helped improve his health.

The strong emphasis on enjoyment in the book is what makes this one stand out among its peers and makes it an encouraging choice for beginners.


Best Running Book #8

Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training – Half Marathon Running Guide

half marathon running guide

This book takes away from unofficial personal journey stories and more technical aspects of training methods to focus on specific paths and programs for those wishing to start their journey to jogging.

This book specifies what its title demands by setting up a list of running programs, each separated by skill level and experience. This makes it a book that can be used even after the beginner’s first stage of running and can be useful even for advanced runners.


Best Running Books for Beginners #9

Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon – Running A 5k Without Training

running a 5k without training

Brad Hudson; A Pre-Olympics runner is putting together a comprehensive book covering simple 5K training. Even a full marathon for the most ambitious beginner.

Run Faster offers a simplified version of the Ultramarathon training basics, providing common mistakes and training methods for a range of current events. This makes it a perfect broker book for runners.


Best Running Books for Beginners #10

The Runner’s Diet – Best Running Nutrition Books

best running nutrition books

As any seasoned runner can tell you, your diet plays a key role in helping you recover from hard training, improving stamina, and helping maintain muscle tone. Runner’s Diet is written with beginners, even advanced athletes in mind.

It helps to provide a comprehensive understanding of how each nutrient in your diet affects your performance and recovery. As well as; providing recommendations and sample meals to runners to help improve their performance on the track or sidewalk.

Top 3 Beginner Running Books – Your First Step into the World of Running:

Beginners Running Books: are filled with the basic information each runner needs to know. They teach you how to dress in weather without weighing your body, how to motivate yourself through difficult tracks, and how to make them successful until the finish line of the first race.

They teach you how to keep safe and prevent injuries, and how to get the most out of running time.

When you read a wide range of books that manage beginners, you develop a foundation of knowledge that will serve you later in your current career. Whether you are an informal runner enjoying the activity or an ambitious professional runner, you will get these three books at their best.

Galloway’s Running Book – Best Running Books Of All Time

This was one of the most popular books ever created. It is now printed in a second updated version, so the information provided is up to date despite the long-term printing of the book.

The author is Jeff Galloway, a former Olympian who has a lot of direct and internal information related to running. Through this book, he takes his knowledge of running at the Olympic level and divides him into understandable knowledge to be adopted by the complete novice.

In addition to offering motivational stories and tons of ongoing tips for beginners, Jeff Galloway also offers training plans for 5K, 10K and half marathons. If you want to learn how to stay safe while paying yourself to become the best runner possible, head to Amazon and choose this book.

Running for Mortals: A Commonsense Plan for Changing Your Life With Running

If you are one of those who are wondering how to start or from where to start running, this one’s for you. As they say the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. All you need to do is to take that single step and see what life unfolds for you. This book will give you all what you need to take that single step.

Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running:

If you’re interested in moving forward, this is one of the best beginners who run the books you will find today. The book features detailed training plans for those of all levels of fitness.

Answer the initial fitness test questions to determine the level of training you should start with. Once you have completed the training plan for this level and learn from valuable running tips, you can go back and answer these questions again.

This will tell you which training plan to follow. These plans are suitable for complete beginners who may be in good shape as well as people who are in better physical condition and who may be willing to face a long race in the near future.

The great thing about this book is that you can track your progress from one training level to another!

These books are all available through Amazon. Add them all to your library and start developing the knowledge foundation that every runner needs. Or just choose what suits your current goals at the time and start learning how to become a runner!

How To Start Running At 40

Running at any age, especially jogging for beginners over 40, takes perseverance.Of all the activities you can do to keep fit and clean your head, for me, running is the best. It’s fast, bold, effective, easily available, and most of all, you can’t fake it. Unless they are one of those runners who jumped into the subway halfway through the Boston Marathon. So, yes, you can fake it with other people, but not with yourself.

Let’s get motivated by reviewing benefits you can get from running.

Running is the best form of calorie burning and cardiovascular exercise. It makes you live longer, because when you run regularly you are less likely to die of heart diseases. Also it improves your bone density and lowers high blood pressure. Most importantly it makes you feel relaxed.

Fitness After 40 – How To Start Running At 40

This book teaches how anyone over 40 – 50 can use flexibility, do exercise and strength training to increase the benefits of their fitness system. This book will help you understand your body, how to exercise in a new way and Increase your fitness while reducing injuries which become a part of your daily life when you reach 45.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore; searching for a running book, make sure you need it and choose a book that suits your taste and preference. And whether; you’re an expert or a beginner, books, as described above, can take your running skills to a whole new level. Remember that knowledge is power, and the day you stop reading, it begins to deteriorate.


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