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Best Free Running Apps For iPhone 2021

Best Free Running Apps For iPhone | Mobile Apps, we all are aware of it. We use these apps for our everyday tasks nowadays. From taking notes to reminders to ordering food and whatnot.

You just name it and they have an app for it. No doubt these apps have made our lives easier. Living in a fast-paced it’s not possible to keep track of everything, thanks to these apps, they have made our lives simple.

If you are a fitness freak you must be aware of Running Apps but which one is best for you? Are they worth trying? How to find the one that just fits your needs? We have compiled a list of Best Free Running Apps for iPhone with pros and cons for each of them to make it easier for you to take your decision.

Best Free Running Apps For iPhone

First Look:

Top 10 Best running Apss for iPhone

Best Running App For Treadmill Nike Run Club

Best Running Tracker App For iPhone Runkeeper

Best Running App For iPhoneMap My Run

Best Cycling Tracking AppStrava

Apple Watch Running App Without iPhoneZones

Best Free Running App For BeginnersRuncoach

Best Music App For Running Weav Run

Couch to 5K Runner

Running App for Beginners Adidas Running by Runtastic


Nike Run Club – Best Running App for Treadmill

Nike Run Club - Best Running App for Treadmill
  • Accurate Map Tracking
  • Because of its features like audio feedback, challenges users enjoy  this app along their way
  • No Unnecessary Notifications
  • Few users noticed some bugs in the app
  • History of running option available
  • Focused on working out from home

Nike Run Club is the best running app for treadmill, you can easily use it when you are working out indoor as well as outdoor. It is a focused app and has some really interesting features like the challenge section, where you can challenge your friends from your contact list.


  • GPS Run Tracking
  • Audio Guided Runs
  • Distance Challenges
  • Coaching Plans/ Guides
  • Cheers from friends (Audio Feedback)


Runkeeper – Best Running Tracker App For iPhone

Runkeeper, Best Running Tracker App For iPhone
  • Easy to use and works smoothly
  • You can enjoy your music along the way with Spotify and iTunes integration
  • You can track your progress
  • Motivates you to reach your goal and stay healthy
  • Coach service is available for the first few sessions, then you have to upgrade your app to use that feature
  • Few users complained that some of the features are not working properly
  • Route tracker does not work when mobile screen is off

This app uses a fitness tracker to keep an eye on your activity and it motivates you to get active. You can set a goal and this app will help you and pushes you to achieve your goal. You can compare your statistics with your friends which can make your workouts even more thrilling. This App is considered to be the Best Running Tracker App for iPhone


  • Create a custom running group and compare stats
  • Audio feedback
  • You can make a customized training plan
  • Accurate GPS
  • You can connect with other fitness apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and more.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • You can add indoor cardio using Stopwatch mode making it a one stop source



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Map My Run – Best Running App for iPhone

Map My Run, Best Running App for iPhone
  • Turning off ads is possible in this app
  • You can have a look at your detailed workout data
  • Monitors Steps per minute
  • Customized fitness plans. It can help you achieve your goal faster
  • Some users don’t like the public feed, as it’s affecting their privacy
  • Few errors in calendar feature
  • Few users think the explore tab could be more engaging

Whether you are a beginner or a pro runner, this app won’t disappoint you. With its customized training plans, coaching tips this app is a perfect fit for your everyday workout sessions. This app is easy to use, all you need to do is to tap that huge green button to start tracking. You can even find new routes with this app to kill the monotony and make your run more exciting.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • You can connect with more gear or fitness apps. Few examples are Smart headphones, Apple watches, Heart Monitors)
  • You can export your workout reports and save it
  • Live tracking
  • It can sync with Under Armour Smart Shoes


Strava – Best Cycling Tracking App

Strava - Best Cycling Tracking App
  • Inexpensive subscription, you can subscribe and see more data
  • Some users find it motivating that they can compare their data with other users
  • Best activity tracker, good analytics and segments are fun to use
  • Some users complained that app crashes in the middle of the activity and they lost their data
  • App works when the phone screen is on
  • Does not support direct Bluetooth and ANT+

If you are a fan of cycling and swimming, this app is for you as it’s considered to be the best cycling tracking app. Apart from cycling, you can also use this for track running, Alpine Ski, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Indoor Running, Gym workouts the list is long.


  • Activity tracker and Mile counter
  • Keep track of calories burned on every run
  • Keep track of swim pace and cycle speed
  • You can connect and socialize using Strava feed
  • Live feedback to help you keep motivated


Zones – Apple Watch Running App Without iPhone

Zones - Apple Watch Running App Without iPhone
  • Accurate and pushes you to reach your goal
  • Excellent analysis, useful for monitor improvement
  • Haptic feedback for going above or below heart rate zone not available
  • Some of the features are only available on the latest operating system

This App is the best apple watch running app without iPhone. This App works with Apple Watch, the best part is you don’t even need to carry your iPhone with you when you go for training. All you need is an Apple watch and you are good to go. You can use this App for heart rate zone tracking. It has four Zones Peak, Cardio, Fat Burn, and Warm-up. These zones make it easy for you to track your heart rate during your training.


  • Keep track of heart rate real-time exercise intensity
  • Measuring with Apple watch
  • It shows details of workout like duration, distance, pace, recent workouts and calories burned
  • You can keep track of different types of workouts like Running, Walking, Cycling, Treadmill, Indoor/Outdoor Workouts, Gym and so on
  • Dark Mode supported


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Runcoach Free Running Apps for Beginners

  • 25 % of the users achieve noticeable results within 6 months
  • 7% improvement in race finish time observed by users
  • This App is adaptive
  • Users are satisfied with the coach’s responses
  • Does not give break time between cycling
  • Does not integrate with Music App

If you are looking for highly personalized guidance, this App is for you. It integrates technology with real coaches to give you exactly what you need. Experienced coaches are available to answer your queries regarding fitness, injuries or nutrition.


  • As your fitness improves, you can update your training
  • You can adjust your schedule if you miss a few workouts
  • You can access new goals after achieving a new level
  • Built-in GPS


Weav Run – Best Music App For Running

Weav Run - Best Music App For Running
  • Some users believe that using this app has made their tough parts easier because they are busy keeping to the beat
  • Users find “Find your temp” and “Speed your tempo” really useful
  • Transferring songs to the Apple watch features is not available yet, so you need to carry your iPhone with you
  • Not much variety of songs available

According to some studies, music can help you run faster and it makes it easier for you. A good number of runners believe that music motivates them to perform better. If you are hooked to listening to music while working out, you should definitely check out this App.


  • Music adapts and sync to your footsteps
  • Decrease fatigue and motivates you to run smoothly and achieve your goal or desired fitness level
  • Makes Running more exciting


Couch to 5K Runner

Couch to 5K Runner App
  • Some users believe that using this App helped them start and then they got hooked to running
  • Amazingly effective and easy to use
  • Manageable for all ages and fitness level
  • Great for people wanting to start running but are not confident enough to start without proper guidance
  • The free version includes first four runs, then you’ll have to pay for it
  • GPS running in the background continuously can drain battery drastically

This App is for those who think they could never run or those who are just afraid to start. With this App, you can easily make it possible. This App has won many awards and is considered as the best free running apps for iPhone by the experts.


  • No ads, hence the clean interface
  • Run Segments
  • Coach voice available to guide you along the way
  • You can control music through this app
  • You can earn rewards as you reach advance level
  • Built-in GPS
  • You can use this App for Outdoors as well as for Treadmill


Adidas Running by Runtastic

Adidas Running by Runtastic
  • Gives updates for each mile marker
  • Shows you the spots where you were taking rest and where you were just doing it like a pro
  • Users like the Auto-Pause feature
  • Micoach features missing
  • Some users feel they are not getting proper guidance from the App

A perfect partner for your everyday training sessions. You can track your activities, set goals, challenge yourself and share your success so that others can feel motivated to do the same.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy to use and track your activities
  • Built-in GPS
  • Audio feedback along the way
  • You can receive custom cheers to help you stay focused and motivated
  • You can set your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goal
  • Targeted challenges available to help you achieve the desired fitness level
  • Works well with Apple Watch



With dozens of apps claiming to be the Best Running App For iPhone, finding the right one for you can be a bit difficult. The most important thing any runner would want from an App is its clean interface and easy to use. Whether you are just about to begin your journey or a seasoned runner, you can choose the right app for you from the given list that fits your needs.

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Which running app is best for iPhone?

Nike Run Club – Best Running App For Treadmill
RunKeeper – Best Running Tracker App For iPhone
Map My Run – Best Running App For iPhone
Strava – Best Cycling Tracking App
Zones – Apple Watch Running App Without iPhone
RunCoach – Best Free Running Apps For Beginners
Weav Run – Best Music App For Running
Couch To 5k Runner
Adidas Running By Runtastic

What is the best app for beginner runners?

RunCoach – Best Free Running Apps For Beginners
This App gives you personalized guidance and makes it easy for beginners to start their run

Is map my run free?

Basic features like tracking activities, route map and showing speed are free, but if you want to unlock more advance options, you’ll have to pay for it

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