Best CrossFit Shoes For Running

Best CrossFit Shoes For Running 2020

Welcome to Jogging Buzz, if you are a runner or jogger and still you are looking for the best crossfit shoes for running, from here you will top rated list for best CrossFit shoes.

First Look

#10 best Adidas Crossfit shoes – Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 19

#9 Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Running – Nike Men’s Running Shoe

#8 Best Cheap CrossFit Shoes – Reebok Men’s Crossfit Running Shoes

#7 Best Crossfit Training Shoes – NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes

#6 Best Budget CrossFit Shoes – Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

#5 Best Overall – Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed Tr 2.0 Shoe

#4 Best Budget – Inov-8 Men’s F-lite 235 V2 (M) Cross Trainer

#3 Best High Cross Trainer Shoes – Nike Men’s Free Metcon Ankle-High Cross

#2 Best CrossFit Shoe – Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0

#1 Best Minimalist – New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer

When you start your career in CrossFit, you will quickly discover that it is more than just a typical weightlifting exercise. There are jumping, crawling, rowing, lifting, plus six other moves you didn’t even think of when registering.

Jumping to your first few sessions of CrossFit shoes can be baptism of fire. As you adjust to the speed and intensity of these ever-changing exercises, you will likely pay little attention to your feet.

CrossFit is a highly demanding fitness regimen that truly tests your physical and mental strength.

For example, WOD (Today’s Workout) might include high-intensity cardio, gymnastic, and gymnastic exercises one day, then lift heavy loads and rope climb the next day.

List of Top 10 Best CrossFit Shoes for Running

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#10 Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 19 – Best Adidas Crossfit shoes for Running

  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible Stretchweb outsole
  • Tight fit
  • High energy return
  • Not as stable as other shoes

If you are looking fir the Best Adidas Crossfit shoes than we recommend Adidas Ultraboost 19 because it adapts both cross training and running comfort. Version 19 improves the technology of basic Ultraboost sneakers and gives a more active feel to your cardio exercises.

On the Adidas website, there are hundreds of 5-star reviews based on its high performance. Plus, it comes in some very cool colors.

The only thing that works well with this shoe is the narrow fit that can genuinely be a minor leather with its suitability.

For example, it has a molded heel that works very well with the movement of the Achilles heel. Overall, the design of this shoe is top notch and it will be a great choice for CrossFit shoes.

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#9 Nike Men’s Running Shoe – Best Nike CrossFit Shoes for Running

  • Best Comfortable Design
  • Free Breathe Running Shoe
  • Fits and looks as expected
  • Smallest Men’s Shoes I’ve ever tried.

Thanks to an impressive combination of flexibility, comfort and durability, Nike Free shoes work well as CrossFit shoes but are also perfect for everyday use.

The sole provides excellent grip and traction on most surfaces. Nike Free Phylite midsole provides some gentle lining, without gaining weight.

These shoes do not require a breakout period and are completely comfortable to take out of the box. Nike Flywire technology locks your foot in place, providing excellent support for lifting and side movements.

Nike Free shoes come in many cool and fun color combinations, so you will look stylish in the gym or wear it around the city.

#8 Reebok Men’s Crossfit Running Shoes – Best Cheap CrossFit Shoes

  • Best Trainer Shoe
  • Great Crosstraining shoe
  • Affordable Price
  • Little bit heavy for lifts

CrossFit Transition LFT is another pair of CrossFit focused shoes from Reebok, with an affordable price that can attract beginners to the fitness regimen.

With the slightly popular look of a classic weightlifting shoe, the design isn’t as trendy as others, but the performance is perfect for WOD strength training parts. This is thanks to the spacious toe box and velcro strap that comfortably add your feet.

The durability is excellent, with the synthetic panels protecting the upper part, while the sturdy rubber outsole provides good grip for all push, pull and climb activities. Although this shoe will handle running and jumping, it is not comfortable for long sessions due to less padding than other coaches.

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#7 NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes – Best Crossfit Training Shoes

  • Solid construction and design
  • Versatile for multiple activities
  • Very comfy
  • Not good for long distance runs

NOBULL Training shoes have appeared on many Best Crossfit Training Shoes lists compiled by Noob Gains including the comprehensive sports shoes list. That is why they should be included in the list of best choices for cardiology and running.

The interesting thing about these shoes is that they have a solid sole, but they are also very flexible to support the natural rolling step when running. This means that they will get good support during heavy lifts, but they will also be comfortable while running for short distances.

They have a one-piece construction on the top made of patented SuperFabric which makes it very breathable. You don’t need to bring in additional socks to change them like some other shoes.

#6 Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer – Best Budget CrossFit Shoes

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • 100% Fabric and Rubber sole
  • Responsive cushioning adds comfort to running and jumping
  • Durability on the sole can be questionable

It won’t take long to realize that Reebok is the official sponsor of the shoes for CrossFit and that their Nano series are one of the most popular in their mega group of coaches. Available for both men and women, the Nano 9 is an excellent shoe for your WOD devices.

With a wide range of color options, the Nano 9 features a flexible and breathable Flexweave top that embraces your foot. The outside of the TPU heel clip and midfoot cage support keep your foot steady, while the responsive filling and discreet outsole make it a comfortable shoe for high impact movements.

In short, Nano 9 is a great multitasking device no matter what the task. Provided you can find a pair for less than $ 100, this shoe is one of the best purchases for beginners.

#5 Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed Tr 2.0 Shoe – Best Overall

  • Grip well
  • Lightweight for sprints
  • Solid stability
  • Wide toe box
  • Uncomfortable for heavy steppers

If you are looking for more versatility, the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 Flexweave may be the shoe for you. Thanks to the different features in its design, it performs well for you whether you are raising, jumping or running.

The lenses are built a little more quickly thanks to the low cutting design. Instead, it makes the exposed heel clip buckle very stable and improves shock absorption during hops. Their relatively flat sole helps heavy duty elevators.

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#4 Inov-8 Men’s F-lite 235 V2 (M) Cross Trainer

  • Excellent price for solid shoe
  • Versatile shoe designed for CrossFit performance
  • Outstanding support and stability for lifting
  • Great grip, cushioning and flexibility for running and jumping
  • Sometimes sizing can be a little tricky to nail

Although an upgraded F-lite V3 is now available, this means that V2 has experienced a drop in price which makes it easier for beginners who don’t want to invest loads. This Inov-8 Versatile Shoe has features that make it perfect for crossfit.

It features a lightweight and inverted design with a comfortable fit that provides great lateral support. In fact, the only one is designed to provide support in all aspects of CrossFit. There is a very dense “powerheel”, to achieve good stability in deadly squatting and cranes, while the flexible and well lined front area is ideal for riding, jumping and running parts of WOD.

The outer sole features a patented adhesive rubber grip that wraps around the sides for improved traction on rope climbing. At this price, the V2 is a real bargain!

#3 Nike Men’s Free Metcon Ankle-High Cross Trainer Shoe

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper layer
  • Secure
  • Now for wide feet

Here is another training shoe that should provide enough diversity for weightlifting and heart disease. The Nike Free Metcon Ankle-High Cross Trainer is a flexible model that provides comfort and safety during multiple activities.

Thanks to its lightweight body and breathable top layer, you should feel fast on your feet and should not leave WOD with sweaty toes. And because the side wall has an elegant leather cage, you will have an additional lock and safety that keeps the shoes tight on your foot.

#2 Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 – Best CrossFit Shoe

  • Same benefits as 9.0 model
  • Grippy
  • Wide toe box
  • Not good for longer jogs

No, only deja vu has not been tested. Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave is in the same release list as 9.0. This is simply because Reebok’s hardcore fans just swear that there’s a noticeable difference between both models and both bringing something good to the table.

Model 8.0 is very comfortable with plenty of arch support. This will make it a high choice for any type of running and jogging as you will constantly rotate in the middle of your foot.

Plus, it has Flexweave technology that helps them breathe and keep sweat. Frankly, there are a lot of WOD fans who own both models and pull out one of them depending on their mood. Idk.

#1 New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer – Best Minimalist

  • lightweight minimalist design
  • Best athletic shoe
  • Best shoe for the gym/crosstraining
  • Not good for cycling…

It shouldn’t be surprising that New Balance shoes focused on comfort and quality have earned the highest marks on our list. New Balance tends to appear on every one of our best listings in the shoe directory, and with good reason. Their shows are built with the user in mind.

While they have been a company for over a century, their popularity has seen an impressive rise in just the past two decades. This is partly due to the shoe options you offer across many different sports and activities. CrossFit is no exception, especially with New Balance Minimus 20v7.

Frequently asked questions about Best Crossfit shoes for Running

How often should Crossfit shoes be replaced?

Crossfitters’ feet and ankles are sure to see a lot of movement by merging positions throughout the intense CrossFit session. What this means is that a good pair of CrossFit shoes will need a lot of support, lest they cause injury or worse.

While injury is still possible with high-intensity training regardless of the support of the shoes you choose, having a great deal of support in your shoes helps to reduce the level of risk involved in crossfit sport dramatically. Support also helps for those who have flat feet or suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Are crossfit shoes similar to weightlifting shoes?

There are some key differences between Crossfit and Weight Lifting shoes. Designed for weight lifting and power lifting shoes, they are large, thick and solid. It provides a solid platform for those looking to move heavy objects. If you try crossfit workouts such as jumping, running and more with weightlifting shoes, you will have a very difficult time and suffer a lot afterwards.

Can I use crossfit running shoes for normal sports and running?

Crossfit shoes are more than suitable for activities like lifting, running, climbing, jumping, and more. Terrain like solid wood and concrete should not pose any problems. Maneuver ball? Go for it. boxing? Maybe you should see our guide for the best boxing shoes. For most other activities, if you are looking for better general shoes, you may want to consider a pair of standard tennis shoes.

Regarding running, we do not recommend this as your typical running shoe. Instead, we recommend a list of the best running shoes. These types of shoes will not have the necessary cushioning and support for any type of long distance. While there are some brands that support runners in addition to CrossFit, these are few and far between.

Does Crossfit shoes make a difference?

Yes. Shoes that are not designed for CrossFit can slow you down, cause you to become unstable while lifting heavy loads, and limit your range of motion.

For example:

Many crossfit beginners use a pair of running shoes that they already had running to do.

So, what is the problem with shoes?

The features that make the shoe great for running, make it awful for CrossFit, despite the irony, WOD sometimes calls for running.

Running shoes are well lined and have a high drop, or higher on the heel of the toe.

The lining that protects your joints from the impact of running and placing a spring in your step while jogging is not what you want in crossfit. All this stuffing in your running shoes makes your foot and ankle unstable when you’re under the weight of an iron.

Running low shoes also add an element of instability as it tends to lean forward.

Running shoes are not designed to provide side support, or side by side, which can cause issues with dynamic and graceful CrossFit motions.

Do you really need crossfit shoes?

Yes! Crossfit shoes are designed to be able to traction in all directions. This helps when you are pulling a sled, trying to flip a tire, climb a rope, lift weights or jump.

On the other hand, best crossfit shoes for running have a more unique focus. It is designed to push you forward, and if you flip over your favorite pair of running shoes to look at the tread, you’ll see that the tread is usually only flexible in the back and forth motion, not side to side, or omni-directional movement.

CrossFit shoes are wider in the toe area and have a small cushion.

This is because when you use a heavy bar, the pillow can cause instability, at worst, or you can wear the pad prematurely at extra weight, at best.

The wide toe on CrossFit shoes allows your feet to spread until your feet create a wide, stable and safe base for lifting from. The crossfit heel has the stability as well, to keep your heel safe and close when lifting.

How long will CrossFit shoes last?

Crossfit shoes will last anywhere from 6 months to a year. Some brands, such as NOBULL Men’s Trainers, can last for two years.

If you add a second pair of shoes to your routine, it is normal for both shoes to last longer.

Some athletes keep a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loop in a crossfit bag and use them as custom levers, providing their other shoes for other crossfit movements, which can prolong the cushion and shoe life because they are not used to lift heavy weight.

All-star Converse is very inexpensive, it’s a very economical way to extend the life of your other sneakers and get the stability you need to lift heavy loads.

Are CrossFit shoes good for HIIT?

Yes. HIIT-style exercises include some of the same dynamic movements that you find in CrossFit, so shoes can be used interchangeably.

Keep in mind that the HIIT workout, just like the CrossFit workout, includes a wide range of functional fitness movements, so it’s best to choose the right shoe for the specific activity you do on that day.

On days when you call for a HIIT or CrossFit weightlifting exercise with an iron, a pair of specialized lifters like the Venja Weightlifting Gym sneakers from Nordic Lifting is a good choice.

But for agility, lateral movements, plyometrics and short distance jogging, you might be better off with a multi-purpose CrossFit shoe like Nike Men’s Metcon 5.

Can you run with crossfit shoes?

Kinda, this depends.

Remember that WODs CrossFit usually requires short distances, under a mile. Not all WODs will play.

With the exception of running, running shoes are not ideal for most CrossFit exercises.

But … since you’re going to run a little run relatively, a good multi-purpose CrossFit shoe like the Nano 9 Cross Trainer from Reebok Men is a better choice if you want a CrossFit shoe that covers all the potential exercises that WOD might include.

If you want to see a list of CrossFit shoes that work well for running shoes, I’ve got a list here.

How did we make our decisions?

There were a few factors that played in what we landed on the crossover training shoes mentioned above as the Best CrossFit Shoe. Three of the most prevalent factors in our research were shoe quality, review of comments, and brand recognition.

Shoe quality:

Quality is the most important piece we have considered when looking for products that will be present in our guide to get the best crossfit shoes. Quality is crucial when it comes to training-related shoes.

Remember that these shoes will come under extreme pressure when training becomes difficult. For this reason, they must be sturdy enough to take the beating over and over again.

As such, in the Shoe Guide we took the time to check the quality of the shoes for each pair of shoes that we consider. We do this to make sure that you don’t get disappointed with your experiences over time.

Review notes:

Customers who have bought and tested shoe pairs will actually be the most vocal critics of their experiences. You can always count on customers to get their say on their shoes.

Product reviews from existing owners are a great way to discover field reviews about the product you are looking to purchase. This applies to everything, not just CrossFit shoes. We check audits widely to determine which “final” options will be tested.

A couple of negative reviews don’t deserve to be considered a useless shoe. Sometimes clients may have had a bad one-time experience, or even can review the wrong shoe (their naming conventions can get tough, after all).

We tend to avoid product reviews by people in the industry or industry, as these tend to be paid for ads or promotional placements. Just like Instagram influencers who find “incredible” products, we will not allow companies with large-scale marketing dollars for a promotional impact to throw clear water on something that looks muddy.


Buying a pair of the best CrossFit shoes will make a huge difference in intense workouts. Regular shoes will not override custom-designed manufacturing efforts, specifically designed for CrossFit only.

However, advanced features and custom options come at a slightly higher cost when compared to standard shoes. Those looking to improve every aspect of CrossFit training and are willing to pay the added cost and investment, will experience the benefit.

Whether stability improvements for heavier lifting weights, or massive amounts of shock absorbers for explosive movements common to CrossFit, specialized cross training shoes will get things done.

All of the things considered, a high-quality pair of CrossFit shoes, like those reviewed above, and the knowledge needed for the features needed and the things to look out for, will provide the best opportunities for CrossFit fans. We hope the information we provided will leave you with a more confident approach to your shoe research at CrossFit.

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